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_LEARNING THE CLI_ >Learn Linux by playing a game >10 keyboard shortcuts to improve your Linux experience >4 Ways to Teach Yourself Terminal Commands in Linux >Learn UNIX in 10 minutes > Learning the shell. >The Cow Says, Have Fun! Type "man intro" in the terminal, it shows most commonly used commands and how to use man pages the intro to section 1 of the manual, same as man 1 intro; man 2 intro through man 8 intro also exist or type: whatis command man command info command apropos command You can also find documentation on your own computer at /usr/share/doc _SCRIPTING ON LINUX_ >Bash Shell Scripting >Information about scripting >Learn Linux The Hard Way >Linux Basics Null Byte How-Tos - ACTUALLY FOR (ethical) HACKING _LEARN THE SHELL BY EXAMPLE_ >List of sample code straight to your terminal >More sample code to your terminal >Yet more example in your terminal _CUSTOMIZING THE CLI_ >Customizing Your Bash Command Prompt >How to Customize your Bash Prompt on a Linux VPS >See other people's .bashrc >Terminal Color Scheme Designer _BUILDING AND INSTALLING SOFTWARE FROM SOURCE_ >How to Compile and Install Software from Source Code on Linux >Linux Documentation Project Guides >Single list of HOWTOs _GOING PROFESSIONAL_ >Introduction to Linux - FREE ONLINE COURSE >The Linux Command Line - FREE EBOOK >Debian's Administrators Handbook - FREE EBOOK >Professional resource on Linux >About exams and certifications for Linux _ADVANCED WIZARDRY_ >X Window System >X Window System protocols and architecture >Guide to X11 >Guide to Unix/Commands/X11 >X Window Programming Want to go deeper? Install "Linux from Scratch":

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